Max Solution provides Repairing ,Selling and Designing Services to our customers. In Repairing we repair Drives,Human Machine Interface,Printed Circuit Boards, Programmable Logic unit, power supply , Message Display and many more. we provide repairing service in affordable timings & prices. In Selling we sell electronic components like IC, Mosfet, optocoupler, IGBT, Capacitor and many more.In Designing part we design PCB.

Repairing Component
MAX SOLUTION repairs different types of instruments. We repair AC/Dc drives, Servo motors,touch screen ,Tdi Inverter,Printed Circuit Board, Programable logic Unit, Retu and many more.We provide repairing services by our skilled staff in less time and at fair price.Max Solution have all the testing and repairing instruments that are required to repair.
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Desiging/Manufacturing Printed Circuit Board
MAX SOLUTION provides the facility to design PCB. We have experienced staff for designing PCB and designing software.We sit with customer to analyzed their problem so that we can give result according to customer requirement.We provide world class design to our clients in minimum time at affordable prices.We design PCB for all types of users like medical,Millitary etc...
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Sell Component
MAX SOLUTION is a trader of Electronic components IC, Mosfet,IGBT,Resistor,Capacitor,Diode any many more for selling.Our aim is to provide reliable componenets at fair price.Our main motive is customer satisfaction.
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Drive Repair

We provide drive repairing facility. We repair drives of Allen Bradely, Danfoss, Fanuc,Emerson, Siemens and many more. Our main aim is to provide reliable services in fair price.We are well equipped with the tools that are required for repairing.The company repairs Servo drives,AC/DC drives ,spindle drives and Stepple drives. Firstly fault is finded by our skilled team after that drives comes in the section of repairing.

Human Machine Interface

Max Solution repairs manual & touch screen interfaces.We repair lCD, Plasma, Touch Screen with the help of our efficient staff. The products that are coming for repairing are repaired in our repair house.

Telecommunication Instruments

Max Solution Repairs telecommunication instruments like RETU, Router, TDI Inverter, Fans, 2G Hex, 3G Hex,Control Unit etc.We have all the components that are required for repairing telecommunication instrumens.

Programmable Logic Controller Repair

Max Solution repairs process control instruments all over india.We have all the testing equipments & repairing instruments required to repair PLC. Our main motive is customer satisfaction in less price.

Machine Tool Controller repair

In machiine tool we include Servo drives, Input/Output boards,Spindle, power supplies.We repair numeric & computer numeric controllers.In numeric controllers we include ponit-to-point and countinuous path.We do not rebuilt any instrument to provide better results.

Message Display repair

We repair message display units.

Power Supply repair

Max Solution, repairs DC power supply,AC power supply,Linear regulated power supply,Switched-mode power supply,Uninterruptible power supply and many more.Our experts provides the solution of your problem in affordable time. We are capable to repair many power sources unit of different manufacturer.

Process Control Instrument repair

Max Solution repairs temperature control cards , counters and many more. We provide this repairing service to many industries. Our work is done under the supvervision of well qualified team.

Printed Circuit Board repair

Max solution repairs & design Single, Double and Multilayered Printed circuit board with the help of experienced and qualified professionals.we have a vast collection of testing instruments to test PCB.If there is a need of backup we also take. We have softwares to design PCB. PCB designing is done by our trained staff.We provide world class design to our clients in minimum time at affordable prices.We design PCB for all types of users like medical,Millitary etc...
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